Integration through Nature is a one of a kind family owned and operated "evolutionary" company headquartered in Colorado.  Out intention is to naturally impact the lives of Men & Women through lifestyle changes, education, and supplementation second to NONE.   When it comes to your health and feeling good, we believe you can’t do the “average” but expect “above-average” results! 

Our Motivation and Inspiration:

  • Do you want to maximize your longevity?  Do you want to stay feeling young? Can you improve the quality of your life?  Society as a whole is living longer, but our vitality and functional performance is declining as we age.  We are sacrificing quality of life for quantity.  Our vision and passion at Integration through Nature is to intervene in this decline by radically improving Men’s and Women’s overall health and performance over their entire lifetime. 

Why We Are The Best:

  • Tired of empty promises and ineffective supplements?  All of our formulations use only the purest herbs, vitamins, plant extracts and minerals.  We NEVER use substandard, diluted, or ineffective ingredients.  NO HARMFUL CRAP!  We aim to be 100% effective 100% of the time Safely, Naturally, and with No Side Effects.  As our motto states, we ARE “committed to a healthier you”.

Message from the Founder of Integration through Nature:

  • ”I wanted to help create something that everyone, including my entire family, could take that improved how we function daily and improved how we age.  It had to be all natural, effective, and most importantly safe! My Wife and I value being healthy, feeling young, and enjoying life to the fullest.”

                                                               John Partenope, Naturopath & MD

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