What People are Saying...

“I just wanted to say the Women’s Formula was worth the wait! I can’t get over how much better I feel, gone are the sleepless nights and anxiety!!! Thank you so much for giving me the beautiful gift of health! Words can’t express my true gratitude...”
— F.P.
“Highly recommend this product! Getting up at night has gone from 5-6 per 8 hour sleep cycle to 2-3. A definite improvement-95% in arthritis pain...more energy and feeling of well being.”
— D.H.
“For years I have gone to Dermatologist for sore/pre-cancer spots on my head. The sores and scabbing are greatly improved. Just 1 sore left after 1 month. Amazing!”
— D
“My sleep is better than it has ever been and I manage stress much better. I have more energy and endurance. Awesome product!”
— J.S.
“I took 46XY for a month and was very surprised...the achy-ness in my knees, hips, and legs went 90% away a few weeks after starting the supplement. I feel a smooth inner positivity, my recovery from training seems to be faster and easier, my legs are stronger and more resilient. I love this stuff...bought 6 months worth!”
— S.S.