TEAM 46EVO WELCOMES THE multi-talented Jordan Wildman. Jordan is a Mental Health Therapist, Neurofeedback Practitioner, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Sports Psychologist, and Level 2 CrossFit trainer. Jordan is also a United States Strongman Professional Strongman! Jordan is an asset & inspiration to Team 46Evo and her community. Jordan represents and leads by example the qualities that 46Evo values: hard work, persistence, & a positive attitude when it comes to her life•fitness•health!

*Photo Credits: Fit Photography/Jacob Nester & Jordan Wildman


Jordan Wildman is a mother of two boys. Jordan owns, works and trains at Bodo Athletics(CrossFit Soteria) when she is not working her private mental health practice or supporting her two boys in Durango, CO in their own athletic endeavors. Jordan has been an athlete all of her life; she started swimming at the age of 2 and went on to swim at Kenyon College in Gambier, OH where she earned multiple National Championship titles. After college she competed in triathlons, moving on to ultra-running and jiu jitsu. It was when she found CrossFit in 2014, did she rekindle her love and dedication to competing. She loves the sport for its ability to expose weaknesses, strengths and provide endless opportunities for improvement within herself physically and emotionally. In the summer of 2017, on the eve of her 39th birthday, Jordan competed in her first Strongman competition and was immediately hooked. She went on to compete in a National Qualifier and placed first overall, earning her a spot at the United States Strongman National Competition in June of 2018 in New York where she placed 4th. She went on to place 3rdoverall at Professional Women’s Worlds in Memphis, TN and looks forward to training for another year of National and Professional Strongman and Powerlifting competitions.

The challenges that strongman training presents are much like life’s challenges – you have to learn to overcome fears, overcome doubts, and train harder and smarter than you ever have in order to accomplish something you never thought you could do. The dedication Jordan has to put into training is often difficult and lonely, many days training by herself between her life obligations; but she takes it on head first much like she does everything else in life. When a challenge comes her way, she meets it head on and gives it 110% without the fear of failure. Jordan is no stranger to challenges and obstacles, she was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 16 and has had to learn the gentle balance of pushing herself to her physical limits as well as her physical abilities that come with such intense training as an athlete with epilepsy. She has never used her diagnoses as an excuse, but as an opportunity to rise above and learn about her body’s capabilities.

In addition to her Mental Health/Sports Psychology practice, Jordan does personal training and personal nutrition coaching and meal planning. In order to maintain her busy lifestyle and intense training demands, she eats a clean diet, maintains a diligent self-care routine, refrains from alcohol, and maintains a clean supplement regimen.


Jordan Wildman is co-owner along with personal trainer/olympic weightlifter/CrossFit coach Benson Fletcher of Bodo Athletics: home of CrossFit Soteria. 46Evo is proud to be associated with Durango, Colorado’s premier gym specializing in Weightlifting, Strength, Strongman, and CrossFit. Best fitness facility, with the best trainers & coaches, carrying the best supplementation! Bodo Athletics is not just another gym. It is a sanctuary and school of learning and self-development; where your individualized discipline is developed to foster success and growth.

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46XX Evo is exactly what I need to maintain a healthy balance within my system both physically and emotionally, with all-natural ingredients.
— Jordan