We are honored & Excited to welcome Risa Ontiveros- A.K.A. "Little Dipper" to the 46Evo family.  Risa embodies a hard work ethic and dedication in all facets of her life.  this olympic hopefull sets the bar high (pun intended) while always displaying humility and the right attitude!  risa is truly an inspirational athlete, women, & friend.



At nine months old, I skipped crawling and started to run. I didn’t know where it would take me, but I kept running. I participated in a variety of sports including figure ice skating, ballet, basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. However, my passion was lit when a coach bought me a pair Adidas soccer cleats.

I have never let my 4’10 ft. height take control of my performance, and I successfully played as right back defense in soccer for fourteen years. I was a three time high school Varsity soccer player at Durango High School.

I had been recruited to play college soccer but in my senior year of high school soccer, I had a soccer accident. I ended up having ACL and Meniscus reconstruction in April 6, 2015. I gained a lot of weight and was an unhappy as a person due to pain in my knee and hip. My parents knew I needed to move my body to heal all of me and bought me a Membership at Crossfit Durango in November of 2016. I had not been yet medically cleared from my knee injury, but my parents encouraged anyways. I was cleared April 6, 2016 from my knee injury. However, I still had hip pain.

In March 2016, I accidentally happened upon an Olympic Weightlifting class coached by USA Weightlifting and Catalysis Athletics Coach Benson Fletcher. Coach Fletcher asked me if I wanted to be a competitive Olympic Weightlifter. Three months into training with Coach Fletcher I won my first competition at the Rocky Mountain State Games Junior 58kg weight class. I have since competed at several competitions.

I eventually had a MRI on my hip which confirmed I had a torn right hip labrum and which necessitated another surgery. Dr. Brian White at Western Orthopedics performed my hip labrum reconstruction on March 7, 2017. My scar is the shape of a Little Dipper. Through a donation from an unknown family, a new labrum was grafted into my hip.

Presently, Little Dipper and I are an USAW 53kg Olympic Weightlifter. This year I’m going to take it to a whole new level thanks to Dr. John Partenope’s support. And hopefully I will make it to USAW Nationals for Olympic Weightlifting.

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46XX Evo has forever changed my performance and allows me to make weight before competitions!
— risa

*feel free to ask Risa more about 46XX Evo and how it's improved her overall wellbeing*